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Flexible Rent Payments
Domuso is a secure online payment method for paying your rent in full or over time on your terms.
Finance Your Move
Save your cash. Pay move-in costs over time with simple financing options.
Freedom From Paper Checks
You choose the payment option that works best for you. Pay with your bank account, credit card or DomusoCredit.
Save Your Cash
Split up big moving expenses like security and pet deposits into convenient installments built into your monthly rent payment.
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"I was stressed about moving because I knew it was going to be expensive. But then I found out I could finance my move-in costs - it makes so much sense!"

Laura W., Renter

Ditch Your Checkbook
Paying with Domuso is fast, easy and doesn't require writing paper checks or a trip to your bank. Avoid late fees by paying online using a credit card, bank account or DomusoCredit.
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