Payment solutions that are simple,automated and streamlined

Over 40% of Americans are renters and 60% live paycheck to paycheck.  The largest monthly expense for most families is rent and like clockwork, it’s due on the 1st and late on the 3rd with notice on the 5th.  This transaction is inflexible and impersonal.

Paper checks, cashier checks and money orders all remain stubbornly predominant as payment methods and there are very few options if a resident loses a job, has an unexpected expense or needs some budget flexibility.

Domuso’s full-stack payment solution goes beyond moving money from A to B.  As a modern fin-tech partner, our vision is to empower people with new payment flexibility and better payment options.

“Modern renters have complex financial needs. Property managers and leasing agents are stuck playing the role of credit officers, risk managers and debt collectors — yet they are ill-equipped to tackle these challenges.

We are transforming the way people think about managing rental payments and building Domuso as the financial services backbone to power the entire rental housing industry.”

Damian Langere
Co-Founder/CEO  Domuso

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